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Let Your Joy
Lead You to Healing

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What are your joys? Gardening, traveling, singing, playing the piano? Mine include yoga, dancing, and music. Yoga is not only a joy for me; it is one of my self-healing practices, along with meditation and play. Spending time each day in one, if not more, of our joys is where healing often occurs.


Wall Yoga
6:30 - 7:30 PM ET
Drop-In: $10
Six Weeks: $50

CALL: (810) 232-1628

Cradle Yoga
6:30 - 8:00 PM ET
Drop-In: $25
Six Weeks: $120

CALL 810-232-1628 to reserve your space and find out how you can get a FREE session (limited time only)

Private Session $150
(1 1/2 Hours)
Up to six people may attend

I also work with Special Needs Children and Adults.

Please come visit my remodeled studio!

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Heavenly Yoga Studio



The Method

As a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), I specialize in Dream, Doodle and Handwriting Analysis. I also received my Specialty Certification in Complementary Medical Hypnotism from NGH in 2000.

Since 1992 I have worked closely with schools, hospitals, gerontology centers and support groups, teaching a wide variety of age groups and learning levels, including developmentally challenged children and adults, Alzheimer’s patients, cancer and suicide survivors, and stroke and closed-head injury recovery patients.

Working with these special needs populations, I have learned that everyone, regardless of age group or learning level, responds remarkably well to their Creative Spirit.

To create means "to produce or to bring into being." As human beings we are also human creations. As human creations, we are naturally creative beings – who continually create. In fact, we cannot help but to create. It is our purpose to create. At any given time in any situation we are in the process of creating.

Here are a few “Creative” questions to consider:

What are you creating?

Right here?

Right now?

In your mind…with your attitudes, thoughts and beliefs?

In your heart...with your emotions – your fears, dreams and desires?

In your body...with your physical health, your behavior toward others – even your subtle “body language?”

Simply becoming conscious of our creative power and potential can further empower us to create healthy, needed, possibly overdue changes. Changes and empowerment that we can then impart, by example, to others.

OK, so we have established that we are creative beings. But how about spiritual? Are we really spiritual beings? And if so, what does that mean?

One of the dictionary definitions of the word spirit is “a life giving force.” Another definition I was taught as a child is "one of seven synonyms for God." God, a wonderful acronym for Good Orderly Direction, is the source of our creativity. Since God is Spirit and Spirit is our Creator, then we are not only creative, but we are also spiritual. Creativity, in a sense then – at its highest level – is the process of becoming more spiritual, or expressing our spiritual natures.

By the way, the other six synonyms for God are:







It is a spiritual fact that applying one or more of these synonyms to a problem or issue we are facing in our lives can liberate us from our seeming limitation. This includes any and all physical, mental and emotional limitations.

Take a moment to consider your own limitations. Make a list of what you may perceive to limit you in any way. What has limited you in the past? What are your current limitations? Are they physical? Mental? Emotional? Financial? How about your creative blocks and barriers?

What tries to prevent you from presently expressing your Creative Spirit at this very moment?

Two other questions to consider are:

“If I had enough time and money and no fear, I would...”


“If I could do anything I wanted to make a living, it would be...”

Finally, how can you begin to express, rather than repress, your Creative Spirit on a regular, daily basis?

Writing down these questions and the immediate answers that come to you in response to these questions can provide valuable insights into your creative potential, thus expressing or demonstrating your true Creative Spirit.


Julietta Chevalier

CALL: (810) 232-1628


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