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Women to Women

Vol. 9 Issue 5
Page 29

Let Your Joy
Lead You to Healing

Women2Women Magazine

What are your joys? Gardening, traveling, singing, playing the piano? Mine include yoga, dancing, and music. Yoga is not only a joy for me; it is one of my self-healing practices, along with meditation and play. Spending time each day in one, if not more, of our joys is where healing often occurs.


Wall Yoga
6:30 - 7:30 PM ET
Drop-In: $10
Six Weeks: $50

CALL: (810) 232-1628

Cradle Yoga
6:30 - 8:00 PM ET
Drop-In: $25
Six Weeks: $120

CALL 810-232-1628 to reserve your space and find out how you can get a FREE session (limited time only)

Private Session $150
(1 1/2 Hours)
Up to six people may attend

I also work with Special Needs Children and Adults.

Please come visit my remodeled studio!

Juliettas New Studio 2

Heavenly Yoga Studio



Angel Wing Exchange

Dreams are vitally important, providing messages to help guide us, if we are receptive to them.

Two months before the opening of the "Healing Shelter" exhibit, I had a dream in which an enchanting vision of an angel appeared to me.

No words were exchanged between us, just a vast array of intense emotions:

First, exhilaration over seeing this beautiful angel,

Then bewilderment that others weren't affected by its presence,

And finally indescribable gratitude and joy near the end as I became a child again.

I didn't understand this dream at first, although I wrote it down immediately in the form of a poem.

Also, I worked to recapture its essence by creating a large angel sculpture using handmade paper angel wings.

Then the idea came to me to invite viewers to leave a personal prayer or message of healing on individual angel wings, which they did during the exhibit opening.

Additional plain angel wings were given to viewers to take with them as a reminder of their journey through the "Healing Shelter."

I created after my dream

Hand made Dream Angle


Over 300 wings were exchanged in less than three days. However, some messages left by earlier participants were mistakenly taken by later viewers who interpreted them to provide needed faith, inspiration, even healing  -- for which they had been hoping and/or praying.

I didn't even know that this "mistake" had occurred until I received phone calls and letters from these recipients expressing their gratitude to me for these inspirational messages written by others!

Although this was not the original intended procedure in the "Angel Wing Exchange," it had proven that these anonymous angel messages left by others were literally reaching out to others in need.

This is also when I realized the message of my dream. It was telling me to continue sharing my artwork and poetry, and to encourage others to discover, share and celebrate their own "Creative Spirit" in order to heal and transform our lives.